Sensei Ismael Saturno
 Sensei Ismael Saturno has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 year. He started to teach at the young age of 16 years old. At that time, he was part of the ITF Taekwon Do National Team directed by his Sabomnin Juan Martinez. With this organization Sensei Ismael was able to develop an incredible passion for the martial arts. While living in Venezuela for several years he was part of the Elite Team directed by Sabomnin Juan Martinez, and together they accomplished an incredible number of national Titles. Sensei Ismael Saturno has travel around the world competing, and teaching seminars in different countries like, Guatemla, Salvador, Jamaica, USA, Canada, and Honduras. 
After 12 years of Teakwon Do, he started to train American Kenpo under the direction of Sensei Rafael Zambrano, and Master Miguel Bellorin. Back at that time, Sensei Ismael spent most of his time training in Sport Karate, where he achieved an incredible number of National, and International Titles in the Naska circuit, qualifying as one of the best on his weight division. He was top rank on 2001, 2002, and getting the second place of the World Rank in 2003. At this time Sensei Robert Duzoglou, Sensei Gustavo Martinez and World Champion Jady Tention became some of his must closers advisers in his training regimen. 
After competing several times in the United States, representing his Native country Venezuela, Sensei Ismael decided to move to the US with the idea of starting a martial arts school. Once established in the US looking for a school to teach the yellow pages took him to Sensei Robert Duzoglou, who introduced him to the Mixed Martial Arts. Sensei Ismael was amazed with the incredible variety that Mixed Martial Arts could offer to the students and of the importance of knowing a real self-defense system that could be realistic and effective. After seven years of training under Sensei Robert Combative Arts (RDCA), he decided to follow his dream of opening his own Dojo. This was the time where Sensei Ismael Saturno became the founder of the V PRO K MMA Academy, where he has granted more than 30 Black Belts in the last few years. Sensei Ismael is a practitioner in body, mind, and spirit of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and his school is an affiliated location of Pedro Sauer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association. He has been studying under Professor Sauer for the past few years, mastering the art of the gentle way. Sensei Ismael has achieved an incredible record in the arts of Teakwon Do, Sport Karate, and BJJ/not just as an athlete, but as a coach also. Sensei Ismael has inspired, and train his students to come out victorious in the NAGA circuit, NASKA, and Kick USA. His favorite quote is “If you Fall Seven times, stand up eight”.


Sensei Jonathan Perez

Sensei Jonathan started his teaching journey two years ago. He started his Martial Arts training under Sensei Ismael Saturno in 2005. He is a great motivater, and an inspiration for all the students. He has great communication skills, and incredible spirit. Sensei Jonathan's dream is to have his own Dojo to inspire an impact peoples live in a positive way. He has a Black Belt in MMA, and a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Guest Instructor
Francisco Riquezes

Sensei Francisco Riquezes has been involved in the martial arts for more than 24 years. He is a NASKA Top Ranked competitor, world, and Panamerican Champion. He is a great coach, and he has been involved in the preparation of many of our V PRO K MMA Academy athletes. He is also working side to side with Sensei Ismael Saturno in many charity project that involves martial arts. His goal is to Open our third location for this coming 2010, and to conquest the first place of the rank for next year.


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