V PRO K MMA Academy Kids

The V PRO K MMA Academy has developed one of the most amazing programs for ages 3 to 5 years old. At this level it is very important to us that students recognize authority; parents, relatives, teachers, etc. Reinforcing their moral, and values it will be our first goal. They will strength their character at the same time they develop their motor skills, flexibility, endurance, and general fitness. They will build self confidence to the point that being bully will be unacceptable for them. By learning to respect others they will be able to demand the same respect from their friends, classmates, etc. This is probably the most important stage in their life, since all the neurological system is building up. During classes we add a variety of exercises that will stimulate the growth of their brain capability, giving them a positive result at their daily life, and activities.   

Specific Benefits from our V PRO K MMA Kids Program and what can you expect from it:

Ø  A very high-energy martial, and fitness class with exciting punches, and kicking drills that will help them to burn fat and stay in shape.

Ø  Practical and effective Gracie Jiu Jitsu self defense.

Ø  Safety, and bully prevention drills, and tips.

Ø  How to deal with negative friendship pressure.

Ø  Encouraging price, and rewards.

Ø  They will learn to have more self control, respect, and discipline.

Ø  They will improve confidence, and concentration.

Come to discover how the V PRO K MMA Academy students become successful high academic achievers through the practice of the martial arts.



At this level the V PRO K MMA Academy starts to be more specific with its teaching. It is mandatory for the student to really understand the purpose of their training, and why are they here with us. We really emphasize martial arts as a tool to reach success, physical, mental, and spiritual growth. We feel very strong about the idea of making out of our student unique individuals that will bring a positive impact, in our communities, and their families.

At this level physical training intensifies with the idea of creating a non quitting attitude, that blended with a strong sense of discipline will bring together the best of our student’s performance. The combination of this formula will really create a different person out of your child personality. Their character will light up, and enrich their life.

They will learn that bad actions will always bring consequences which they will have to face responsibly. That’s why they will focus more in having more self control over their temper, and to practice, respect, modesty, and courtesy tours their peers. They will start to learn about developing a perseverance spirit to reach the goals they set in their activities. 

In this class the students will learn more about Gracie Jiu Jitsu self defense, the meaning of JIU JITSU. Being Gentle Art, or Soft Art the translation for the Japanese word “JIU JITSU”, our students will use their bodies to control their opponents without having to hurt them. That’s why our program focuses in teaching our students the importance of learning to the art of grappling, and submissions. 




 V PRO K MMA Elite

Our Elite class is for ages 9 to 12, this is the level of the students when they really start to see the results of years of dedicated training. Growing up with the mentality of being a gentle individual they now become more precise with their skills, giving them the possibility to control and manage any king of challenges in life.

Our program gives that extra confidence that any children getting into this age level needs. This is the age where they need to say “NO” to negative pressure coming from their peers. Today’s day this is the age when some kids start to experiment with bad habits trying to feed themselves into popular groups just with the idea of feeling accepted.

It’s now when parents will appreciate the benefits of having their children involved with our programs. They will stand by themselves, and will take the right choices in their path to success. Even for beginner student who have never being involved with martial arts training, the fact of being training with our advance students will start to drill the right attitude for their personal development.


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